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At Superdojo, we're proud to offer high-energy martial arts training that is perfect for all ages and abilities. We work hard to create age-specific instruction that includes tailored classes based on each child's skill set and development. From day one, you can enjoy a safe, supportive environment where we'll have your back every step of the way. Our classes are great for men, women, and children all across Elkton, North East, Newark and beyond.

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Amazing instructors and staff. Encourages the parents to be involved so it creates a family friendly environment. Teaches not only martial arts and self defense, but it teaches confidence in ones self not only in the dojo but in everything they do.

Kids Martial Arts Newark

Charles C.

This class is everything they said it would be and more! I'm going to recommend this class to all my friends who need and want an amazing workout. Everyone there's so inviting and helpful. Thanks again for for kicking my butt and never letting me give up!

Kids Martial Arts Newark

Michelle W.

Super dojo is amazing great structure for kids of all ages. Instructors are dedicated to the children and take the time to make them better athletes as well as people. Thank you for helping mold and shape my daughter.

Kids Martial Arts Newark

Steve T.

My grandson Amir loves this place. Each day it's time to go to training he gets excited and can't wait to get there. I highly recommend!

Kids Martial Arts Newark

Shira G.

Superdojo has been a blessing to our son and our entire family! It is so wonderful seeing all of the valuable lessons my 5-year old son is learning. Besides martial arts, he is learning to respect others, listen to and respect authority and his peers, patience, discipline, teamwork, and how to be a champion! He is so excited to go to Superdojo and he never wants to leave. Mr. Hayhurst and his team have built a beautiful community of supportive families. They are all so wonderful with the children and have created an extremely welcoming and uplifting environment. Even though we live 45+ minutes away, we have felt connected since day one. We are so happy to have found Superdojo and would highly, highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Kids Martial Arts Newark

Serena R.

Its awesome here. We have been coming 3+ years and it has really helped all of my kids become more self confident and respectful. It really is a great program. We drive from earlville almost an hour each way but it's definitely worth it

Kids Martial Arts Newark

Casey O.

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