2019 Season 2: New Challenge - Week 1

2019 Season 2: New Challenge - Week 1

Hey Team!

I'm so excited to begin our new training cycle! We'll be doing very practical martial arts - teach kids how to kick and punch and get out of sticky situations when it comes to self-defense.  I'm really pumped to start working on this stuff.  Every week, I want families to practice at home, with the at-home workouts becoming more rich as students learn more and get better.  

Please see the bottom of this email for the Grab One Sheets for each group if you haven't gotten them yet.  Even though a few different age groups may be learning the same curriculum, the classes will be different and there will be special variations.  For example:

Younger color belts will learn the basic self-defense move and mostly practice with an adult partner while older color belts will practice with each other a lot.  Black belts will be reviewing the same self-defense scenarios but I'll add special variations that include ground fighting/ survival and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu strategies.  I want to make sure all of our students are solid martial artists in addition to looking good with their kicks and punches. Quality in what they are performing is a HUGE priority this cycle and in the future.

Here are the challenges of the week:

3&4 Year Olds/ Tornadoes:
How High can you WOOSH your leg up? Demonstrate a Low, Middle, and High leg swing to show me how high you can kick!

All Color Belts aged 5 & Older:
Show me Performance Kicking Drill Number One at home!

All Black Belts:
Perform Kickboxing Combo #1 with someone in your family holding targets (or just hitting your hands)!

For more information on any of this stuff, find the video in our Youtube Playlist reference guide

ABC - Always Be a Champion!

Josh Hayhurst

Need the Grab One Sheets for this cycle? Choose one of the options below:
My child is in the Tornados (3&4 Year Olds)
My child is in the Twisters, Hurricanes, Blizzards, Cyclones, Wildfires, or Thunder groups (5-15 Year Old Color Belts/ Non-Black Belts)
My child is a Black Belt

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