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Our after school program at Superdojo gives kids from around Elkton the opportunity to have a blast learning cool martial arts techniques, dedicate time to homework prior to heading home, and get professional supervision throughout the afternoon! Take the stress out of your child's after school care by enrolling them in our unique martial arts-style program!

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What Does Our After School Program Offer?

At Superdojo, we pride ourselves on offering after school care that's fun and exciting for kids and totally stress-free for parents. Each student will receive a snack, homework time, martial arts lessons that instill values like confidence and respect, and be supervised by our professional instructors throughout their stay. We are proud to provide kids and parents from around Elkton the chance to experience high-quality after school care at an affordable price!

Our after school program offers:

  • A totally stress-free experience for parents
  • Access to snacks and daily exercise
  • Dedicated homework time
  • New friends and mentors for your child!

Superdojo is proud to accommodate children of all backgrounds and abilities. Our instructors are specially trained in working with all kinds of students -- we can't wait to see you!

Join Us For Elkton's Best After School Program!

With dedicated time for both fitness and academics, our martial arts-style after school care at Superdojo provides Elkton's most well-rounded and exciting after school experience! Enroll now and see for yourself how your child can benefit tremendously from our program. From learning strong core values to meeting new mentors, we provide everything parents need for stress-free after school care!

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